Re: 'role' should be property

Bruce Boughton wrote:
> Dmitry Turin wrote:
>> This demand is anachronism,
>> first, since _behaviour, binding, pronouncing_ are already specified in it;
>> second, since sense has appeared to abolish it.
> Could you give examples to support your assertion that behaviour and 
> binding are described by CSS?

   Only example I can think of is the BeCSS[1], which was introduced for
languages like XBL 2.0 and Microsoft's HTML Controls (HTCs).

> Pronounciation is surely a presentational
> matter, just as applying bold, italics or colour is.

   In theory, pronunciation and inflection can provide semantic
information. However, such semantics are so fine grained and open to
interpretation that I doubt it would be any more useful that simply
providing aural styling.


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