Re: Unscoped <style> found outside the <head>

Brad Fults wrote:

> I strongly advise all participants of this group to attempt to read
> and understand proposals and discussions thoroughly before replying
> with inflammatory remarks that polarize the group around non-existent
> problems and distinctions.

I think I started to work on scoped stylesheets, have explored how this
helps or annoys wysiwyg copy/paste let's say fifteen years before the
start of this thread. I also perfectly know that making such a decision
_now_ may totally block online applications in the future if we don't
give all our thoughts here right now. I can't count the number of ftf
meetings I saw where we completely reoriented something because someone
"thinking at loud" made a good point w/o even noticing it.

And you're the only one here to see "inflammatory" remarks. Hyatt and I
know each other too well to exchange flames w/o drinking a few beers
together first...

I also perfectly understood Dave's original point. I disagree with it
entirely, can I ?


Received on Sunday, 27 May 2007 16:44:26 UTC