Re: A well composed post re: HTML5 anyone heavily involved in this WG should read and keep in mind.

While I agree with Henrik that the mailing list is becoming unmanageable
due to the number of poorly conceived suggestions, what really surprises
me is the amount of people that respond to said suggestions. I don't
believe that anyone should be banned for making a bad proposal but the
fact that we carry on such lengthy conversations about these proposals
is indeed slowing things down.

I feel that if you disagree with a proposal, you should leave it alone
until you see it garnering some support instead of making an immediate
reply to voice your disagreement. When so many members reply to these
proposals, it begins to *seem* that the proposal has some credibility.

I believe the list would be much more manageable if everyone were to
have this attitude.

That's Just my 2 cents, and I apologize for being so quiet until now.
Thomas Higginbotham <>

Received on Friday, 11 May 2007 14:06:02 UTC