Re: A well composed post re: HTML5 anyone heavily involved in this WG should read and keep in mind.

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>> If so, then I am forced to disagree.  Whilst
>> it would be quite wrong for that minority to seek to
>> disrupt the workings of the group, they have every right
>> to hold true to their beliefs
> This is where I'm in quite of a puzzle. The design philosophy behind
> this charter is (should, at least) be well known. In my opinion, when
> suggestions like implementing the INDENT element, as well as suggesting
> that DIV should be allowed inside every other element, I get a vibe that
> the person(s) responsible for those suggestion(s) haven't really
> read/understood
> that specific philosophy.
> Again, in my opinion this does nothing but slow the development down.

...probably a bad idea...but anyway.
How about a quiz to determine the Œexpert levelı of the members and then
those people who donıt score high enough in their knowledge of the material
have to put some sort of indicator at the beginning of their mail so people
in the know making the big decisions can decide whether or not to pay any
attention to their mail.

Iım far from an expert in anything. Iım really only here to make sure that
if anyone every wants to ask the opinions of an Œaverageı developer, who
writes html 6 days a week 9-6, they have one right here.

I really wish the W3C had a massive list of web designerıs email address so
that they could e-mail everyone whenever it comes time to vote on something
in particular that would affect the masses. ... Well, not the masses,
because Iıd want there to again be some sort of quiz web designers would
have to pass before they could be added to that mailing list. Actually I
wouldnıt want them to Œvoteı on anything official, itıd more like a
Survey....and every question would require an ŒI donıt knowı option.

Also, could someone put together a definitive list of Œmust read linksı in
relation to this group?
And is it or is it not a good idea for everyone to try to read at least a
few pages of the WHATWG?

For a long while it seemed I was one of the few who actually tried reading
it. And some people were in here suggesting things that made me think not
only did they not read any part of WHATWG but they maybe never read any of
the html4 and possibly donıt validate their markup very often.

Iım waiting for when we finally get around to going through the whatwg docs
point for point. Someone please send me an email when we get there.

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