Re: A well composed post re: HTML5 anyone heavily involved in this WG should read and keep in mind.

Henrik Lied wrote:

> My proposal is therefore this: If a member spits out an idea that 
> completely breaks with the guidelines set up for HTML5, he should be 
> removed from the list. 

> Please let me know what you guys think.

Sounds a bit like fascism to me.  There is a substantial
minority membership of this list that believes that the
WHATWG HTML5 specification is a very poor starting point,
and that HTML 4.01 Strict would have been a far better
basis.  Are you now suggesting that that minority,
having been outvoted by the majority in the W3C questionnaire,
should now either pretend that they are happy or leave
the list ?  If so, then I am forced to disagree.  Whilst
it would be quite wrong for that minority to seek to
disrupt the workings of the group, they have every right
to hold true to their beliefs, and -- when an individual
proposal with which they disagree becomes the subject of
discussion -- to explain why they are opposed to its
adoption/integration, and to vote against.  IMHO, of course.

Philip Taylor

Received on Friday, 11 May 2007 11:12:38 UTC