Re: A well composed post re: HTML5 anyone heavily involved in this WG should read and keep in mind.

I agree. I've been thinking about this for a while now, but I haven't been
able to formulate my thoughts into good sentences. Tommy Olsson, thank you.

In my opinion, this mailing list have become pretty messy. There's *a lot*
of really bad ideas. I understand that the W3C found this open
registration-experiment as a good idea in theory, but I really don't believe
that it works out in the real world.

The title "Invited expert" is way to "high hat". I don't see myself as any
real expert in this field, and neither should many of the other members of
this list, at least judging from the variable quality of the proposals.
Experienced, maybe. Expert? No.

My proposal is therefore this: If a member spits out an idea that completely
breaks with the guidelines set up for HTML5, he should be removed from the
list. In one way it's great to have a lot of ideas out on the table, but if
we're ever gonna get something *real* out in the world, too many ideas just
won't do it. It has already risen to the state that I can only describe as
information overload. And that's just not a Good Thing.

Please let me know what you guys think.

2007/5/10, Hedrington, Benjamin <>:
> "Forward Towards the Past" by Tommy Olsson via his blog.
> the-past
> A great read for those that are committed bettering the web via the
> outputs of this WG.
> -Ben Hedrington

Med venleg helsing,
Henrik Lied

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