Re: Research for class="copyright"

Terje Bless wrote:
> It also shows that even given that miniscule and statistically 
> insignificant sample there are a disproportionate number that do _not_ 
> use the class 'copyright' for anything even remotely resembling a 
> copyright notice.

*Know* I shouldn't even ask, but.. :)

Why not use ID..?

Please forgive my possible [naivety] in asking.. What knowledge I have is all self-taught, and I 
/have/ tried a number of times (no, not recently) to discern just exactly what ID bottom line is..

Should I not have even asked because it is something you all (we?) are deprecating, and that is 
why it has not been a player in the "couple" of emails in these multiple threads..?

My rationale: Would be nice to one day have the universality, such as would ever be possible, 
such that one could tack on #content, #copyright, #navMain (or #nav), #webmaster, #contact et 
al(l) and, *if* the website chooses to follow that standard, the user goes immediately to those 
theoretically standard relative [blocks] on the webpage of a thusly designed universal website..

Just thinking out loud.. Been thinking that one for quite a long time.. Comes from cognitively 
trying to pick through the jungle of information on pages that are eons long..

Nope, like anything else, not ideal.. No, not going to work across the board for whatever 
[scripting] reasons.. But there are many instances where it would..

Aside and in all seriousness, lurking has been a tremendous learning experience through this 
some hundred or more emails, by the way.. Has shed tremendous light on exactly what all you have 
to go through in consideration of absolute [universality].. :)

Best wishes..

Cindy Sue

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