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> On May 6, 2007, at 12:31 AM, Sander Tekelenburg wrote:


>> I looked at the first 20 results of
>> <>. Three of them
>> contained actual results: <
>> copyright.html> and
>> <
>> documentid=477037>
>> seem to use it more or less as Web Apps 1.0 currently defines it. But
>> <> appears to be
>> exactly what
>> Jukka suggested might be out there.
> This searches for the words "class" and "copyright" so it is probably
> predisposed to find demo examples rather than real use.


Btw, I had overlooked Google's Code search. Google still stupidly shoves
languages down your throat based upon your IP address, and if some content,
like Google Code Search, isn't translated to that language, it's simply not
there. Not very useful, even if you happen to actually know the language they
throw at you. So it took a little hacking to get around that crap. Now I know
I can use the string "" followed by a

Given that there seem to be more non-americans here who hadn't yet found the
workaround, I thought this info might be useful to others.

So anyway, <> would
seem to be a more useful query for research. (Not that I myself expect to
have time to look through those results.)

> Note also
> that the example you cited uses class="copyright" in accordance with
> Web Apps 1.0's definition at the bottom of the page for the copyright
> notice, in addition to using it in a demo of how one might style
> something by class. I don't think developer tutorials make very
> compelling counter-examples.

Hm... Yeah, maybe. It depends.

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