Re: predefined class names

Alright, I tried to find some counter-examples.

I searched through the Alexa top 200 sites. This didn't
turned out anything significant.

Mostly the copyright and search class were used. And quite
appropriately. Sometimes elements with these classes were
used as empty containers:

   <td class="example">
    <span class="white"
     style="text-decoration:none;cursor:hand; cursor:pointer;"
     onclick="document.forms['Search'].words.value='         '">

   <div class="error"></div>
   <div class="error">A k?rt oldal megtekint?s?hez be kell  
   <div class="error"></div>
   <div class="error"></div>

But of course the most interesting predefined class is the "note".
You could easily imagine a music-site, using this class like this:

   When you sing you begin with <span class="note">do</span>
   <span class="note">re</span> <span class="note">mi</span>

The google code search also turned up some interesting usage:

   <p><span class="note">Note:</span> you can also add the...

   <input type="text" size="30" max="50" name="firstname">
   <span class="note">optional</span>

   <textarea name="new_note" class="note" cols="80" rows="20">

Similarly an issue could also refer to single instance of a
serial publication, such as a journal, magazine, or a newspaper.
Some findigs with google code search:

   <span class="issue">issue</span>

   <a class="issue" href="http://bugzilla...">Issue 1855</a>
Is referring to an issue number in accordance with spec?

Rene Saarsoo

Received on Sunday, 6 May 2007 12:37:23 UTC