Re: Cleaning House

Christoph Päper wrote:

> Acceptable (perhaps):
> : <h2>Foo bar <i>baz</i> quuz!</h2>
> Inacceptable:
> : <h2><i>Foo bar baz quuz!</i></h2>

Christoph, please don't be upset by the following : your comment above
just shows a total lack of consideration for wysiwyg editors...

What you consider inacceptable above is the only way to preserve italic
text in an h2 with a cursor position generating normal text.

Please consider the following two steps :

1. the user creates a new h2, clicks on the I button, enters some text,
    clicks again on the I button, enters mors text. Expected result:


2. then the user places the caret after "foo" and hits three times
    backspace. In my mind the result is:


   AND the caret is placed just after the I element inside the H2.
   One more hit on the backspace key, and the caret is inside the I
   just before its end  |</i></h2> or it deletes the last char inside
   the I and places the caret before that position. It's a rather
   religious choice, depending on how much you want your editor to
   behave like a text processor.

   In your mind, it's probably something like

   <h2 style="font-style: italic">bar</h2>

   there is no ambiguity on the caret's position, and there's no
   possibility to enter normal text directly.

As a conclusion, I would say that <h2><i>foo</i></foo> is not only
acceptable but MUST be accepted if you want to have wysiwyg editors.
This is a mandatory compromise if you want to have editing tools
average people are able to use. Otherwise, you'll have code purity
and a software behaviour people don't understand.


Received on Sunday, 6 May 2007 02:43:27 UTC