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On Fri, 04 May 2007 23:44:30 +0200, Chris Wilson  
<> wrote:
> Jeff Schiller [] wrote:
>> Though I wonder, if a UA mistakenly implements proposed error handling
>> in WHATWG's HTML5 and content starts depending on it, isn't that
>> roughly the same problem?  You're still going to have a UA improperly
>> implementing a spec, content depending on it, and other UAs motivated
>> to emulate this incorrect behavior.
> Or, more to my point, what happens when you don't specify some  
> error-handling rule in the spec because you don't think of it, and due  
> to different architectures multiple vendors do different things and ship  
> them without realizing it.

Supposedly at some point someone realizes that there's indeed an  
interoperability problem with the specification because vendors do  
different things where they all claimed to have implemented that feature.  
Hopefully at that point we get together and fix the specification and our  
implementations in much the same way we're trying to solve  
interoperability problems now.

Anne van Kesteren

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