Re: Cleaning House

2007/5/4, Patrick H. Lauke:
> The difference being...what exactly? In other words: when do you want
> to emphasise something that is not important, or conversely if
> something is important, wouldn't it also be emphasised? Or is this to
> allow for marking something up as important, but without any
> distinction in how it's presented?

Ads or political programs (you might know we electing our President in
France ;-) ) generally mark things up in big fonts, bold and/or a
different colour so that without reading at the whole thing you get
the "important idea". However, if you were to read the text (and
speech it), you wouldn't emphasize those words.

Words that need emphasis on the other hand are generally marked up in
italics which hasn't the same effect when you just overlook without
really reading.

By marking things up as being "important", you could ask your
screenreader to "extract" the important ideas from the page. If one
interests you, ask for more context (i.e. read the phrase or
This might be a new way of navigating documents with screenreaders
(because <strong> is already almost always presented in bold font, you
can already do this if you're not blind).

So yes, there *is* a difference between <strong> and <em>.

Thomas Broyer

Received on Friday, 4 May 2007 10:54:13 UTC