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Tina Holmboe wrote:
> On  3 May, Jeff Cutsinger wrote:
>>> And if a user hits the "centered text alignment" button, should it
>>> also wrap a nice <center> around it? And if they want to change font,
>>> should it just stick a <font> element in the code?
>> What are you suggesting?
>   At a guess, that the editor would identify which piece of content was
>   due to be centered or font-i-fied, and change the corresponding style?

As Dreamweaver already does, today (although for centering, it 
annoyingly sticks an "align" attribute in the current parent block level 
element, thus making the resulting document invalid when working in HTML 
4.01 Strict of XHTML).

i.e.: the authoring tool hides the complexity, as it should.

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