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On 5/3/07 3:18 PM, "Tina Holmboe" <> wrote:

> On  3 May, Jeff Cutsinger wrote:
>>> And if a user hits the "centered text alignment" button, should it
>>> also wrap a nice <center> around it? And if they want to change font,
>>> should it just stick a <font> element in the code?
>> What are you suggesting?
>   At a guess, that the editor would identify which piece of content was
>   due to be centered or font-i-fied, and change the corresponding style?

Going too deep into this idea......


If I were building an advanced editor...
that allowed inserting and styling of divs and stuff like that and the user
selected a paragrah (<p> not just the text inside it) and hit [center] I
would have margin:auto applied to the <p>. If they selected the text inside
the <p> I'd set <p style="text-align:center">

If for some reason they had a single paragraph with a bunch of breaks
(shift+return) and highlighted some of the lines in the middle of the
paragraph and hit [center] I'd put a span around the selected content with
text-align center style.

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