Re: Support Existing Content

Philip Taylor (Webmaster) wrote:
> L. David Baron wrote:
>> If you want strict error handling rules, you need to introduce them
>> before anyone handles the content that they're for, which
>> essentially means before anybody handles the MIME type of the format
>> they're sent in.
> Yes, I had come to the same conclusion.  "application/html"
> is one possibility, but there may already be browsers that
> accept it; "text/html5" seems pretty safe at first sight.
> Philip Taylor

This is a fantastic idea. It needs some refocusing and revision, though.
A lot of problems have been noted with "text/*", so we'll definitely not
want to use that. And we definitely want a very clean syntax where you
have to close all your open tags and quote all your attributes. We'll
call this syntax "ecksml". So we have "application/ecksml". Then what we
can do is separate the syntax from the semantics and add different
sublanguages, like "essvg" for graphics, which will be
"application/essvg+ecksml". But if we want to specify that we're using
the html application, we'll do "application/eckshtml+ecksml". Now we
just need to get IE on board.

Received on Wednesday, 2 May 2007 16:40:25 UTC