Re: <font> (was Support Existing Content)

On May 1, 2007, at 16:41, Denis Boudreau (WebConforme) wrote:

> Accessibility experts, among others are flipping out. Taking out  
> headers and summary? I mean come on...

It would help if the accessibility experts explained how existing AT  
make use of headers and summary (including documenting the processing  
models for headers used by real AT). Once it has been established how  
existing AT supports these features, it would be helpful to establish  
how authors use them.

(Some things may seem obvious to accessibility experts. They may not  
seem obvious to other people. The accessibility experts need to  
explain to others how this stuff is really used. Just saying that it  
is needed for accessibility and expecting everyone to nod in  
agreement because accessibility is good is not sufficient when we  
need to spec processing models.)

Henri Sivonen

Received on Wednesday, 2 May 2007 08:15:35 UTC