Re: Support Existing Content

On May 1, 2007, at 7:17 AM, Gareth Hay wrote:

>> To jeopardise this opportunity by insisting that the
>> browser use the same parsing/rendering algorithms for legacy
>> ("tag soup") documents as for new ("well formed") documents
>> is insane, IMHO.
>> Philip Taylor
> I think this is 100% spot on, and far more nicely said than my  
> previous attempts.
> I tried to raise the point that UA's can use what they have now to  
> render backward content, while striving for something better with  
> HTML5, I wholeheartedly agree with Philip's comments.

We (Apple) will not implement a new HTML language that is not  
backwards-compatible with HTML4 and existing real-world content.   
Breaking backwards compatibility in new versions of the language is a  
non-starter for us.


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