Re: html 5 and accessibility issue

>> - dt/dd need a reel relationship like the for attribut on label 
>> mechanism
> Why is there a need for this? The specification defines exactly what 
> the relationship is between them. Much like HTML4 did.
because actually i can do :

 <dt> 1st terme </dt>
 <dd> 1st terme description </dd>
 <dd> 2nd terme description </dd>
 <dt> 2nd terme </dt>
 <dt> 3rd terme</dt>
 <dd> 3rd terme description</dd>

with no way for AT to know that 2nd terme description is actually the 
2nd terme description and not the second description of the first terme
>> - actually their is no fallback content for embed element
> Why is that needed for plugins?
maybe i misunderstand the function of the embed element. Is this just a 
way to link to the plugins ? or a way to use it to show some content 
like the object element
>> - the only fallback content for iframe elements is pure text, i think 
>> we need to authorize an "a" element to link to the content of the iframe
> Doesn't the <iframe> do that already? I'm not sure <iframe> needs 
> "fallback" content at all.
I don't know if all UA do that but it's not the actual spec
If all the UA do that, it's no enough to just say there is no need to 
author fallback, i think we need to say that this fallback content is 
given by the UA  with something like  IFRAME: "content of the src 
attribut on the iframe element"

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