Re: Author-friendlier definition of <object> (was Re: fear of "invisible metadata")

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> ["browsing context" vs "web page"]
>>>> Different Web pages can be loaded into one browser context one  
>>>> after
>>>> another over time. It says so in the next paragraph after the term
>>>> definition.
>>> For the life of me I cannot find that.
>> 4.1. Browsing contexts
> [...]
> Where does it say "web page"; what that is?

"Web Page" in this discussion could be interpreted as equivalent to a  
Document. The spec does not give a precise definition of "web page".  
However, that is not necessarily a flaw in the spec as the term "web  
page" is not used in the definition of the <object> element, which is  
the topic of this thread. A "browsing context" consists (basically)  
of a History and a View. The History contains a list of previously- 
viewed HTML Documents (aka web pages) and other media the browser is  
willing to display. The View is, essentially, the content are of the  
browser window.

Thus, the difference between a "web page" and a "browsing context" is  
that a web page is a single resource and a browsing context is a  
mechanism for viewing multiple resources.


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