Re: Lack of AT implementors participation (was Comments on IRC log)

On Tue, Jul 31, 2007 at 08:00:49AM +0100, Bruce Lawson wrote:
> Could one of the high-ups from w3c, or chair of this WG contact freedom 
> scientific/ GW Micro etc directly and invite their participation ?

Note that the above companies only develop for the Microsoft Windows platform.

There are also developers working on the accessibility of Mozilla, including
the implementation of ARIA. Some of these developers also participate in the
WAI Protocols and Formats working group, and there is overlap between this
community and the developers of the Gnome accessibility framework for
Unix/Linux. Apple have developed an assistive technology for MacOS, and there
may be interested developers there as well.

It would certainly be possible to write to development-oriented mailing lists
to attract potential participants, but this might result in a flood of
applications to join, which the co-Chairs probably don't want. I think I was
rather lucky to have my application accepted - thanks are due to whoever
reviewed it. In any case, a few well-chosen invitations would certainly help.

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