Re: conflation of issues or convergence of interests?

Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> Maybe I'm drawing a conclusion that's too thin, but compare how things 
> like ARIA are striving to more clearly define relationships and 
> semantics for user agents, so that the end users of those UAs can better 
> understand the content that's being presented to them, while here it's 
> being argued that users don't really need explicit associations and they 
> can just work it out themselves based on context.

Now this is where there is a serious misunderstanding between us, that 
seems to be causing the conflict.  I'm not arguing that it is or isn't, 
I'm questioning the possibility and looking for evidence to show one way 
or the other.  From my authoring perspective, explicit associations 
increase complexity for authors, and so if explicit associations can be 
avoided, they should be.  If not, then we should try and find the 
simplest way possible to express the association.

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Monday, 30 July 2007 13:11:18 UTC