Re: conflation of issues or convergence of interests?

Lachlan Hunt wrote:

> I'd like to see some user testing of this issue, and some documentation 
> of existing video sites and their accessibility features.  Are there any 
> existing video sites that provide textual alternatives for videos?  If 
> so, we can look at how they do it and, through user testing, evaluate 
> how successful their approach is.

I also think it's necessary to look at how other languages tackle this 
same issue, and I'd like to call on the W3C Protocols and Formats WG to 
jump into the fray on this.

Maybe I'm drawing a conclusion that's too thin, but compare how things 
like ARIA are striving to more clearly define relationships and 
semantics for user agents, so that the end users of those UAs can better 
understand the content that's being presented to them, while here it's 
being argued that users don't really need explicit associations and they 
can just work it out themselves based on context. This, to me, makes me 
seriously question the "it's not the UA, it's the user" assertion. It's 
not so clear cut, in most cases...UAs need to be able to interpret the 
content *for* the user in order to present it (visually, aurally, etc) 
*to* the user in a meaningful way.

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