Re: Lack of AT implementors participation (was Comments on IRC log)

Le 28 juil. 2007 à 03:39, Sander Tekelenburg a écrit :
> I've suggested before that perhaps the chairs can actively approach  
> those
> parties to get them involved. I haven't seen a response to that. I  
> don't know
> if that means my suggestion went by unnoticed, was dimissed for  
> whatever
> reason, or is being acted upon? :)

AT as in Authoring Tools and/or Assistive Technologies
I have tried the former group, without success, unfortunately. I sent  
a few mails to authoring tools developers but most of the time I  
didn't receive an answer. If you have contacts with specific  
developers of such tools, please invite them to participate in the  
WG. I think I will try again soon. I guess Web standard Groups like  
WASP, OpenWeb, W3Quebec, WSG and so on, could help on this.

I have also started to [look at authoring tools][1] I had around me  
and a few things they were doing for authoring HTML. Mocking up the  
development of HTML 5 only on the browser behavior would be a mistake  
and a missed opportunity. I encourage people to look at their  
favorite authoring tools and report to the list.

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