Re: conflation of issues or convergence of interests?

Sander Tekelenburg wrote:
>  Anything
> more rich, such as captioned video, is obviously much better for certain
> specific situations, but it's impossible to have the ideal rich fallback for
> all possible situations. It *is* possible to have a basic fallback for all
> possible situations, while still allowing for richer fallback.
> <object data=movie>
>    <object data=captionedmovie>
>       marked up textual fallback
>    </object>
> </object>
> Btw, it's clear that this structure would be a problem when you also want to
> provide an audio-only equivalent. The user would be dependant on the author
> deciding which should take precedence -- the  captioned movie or the
> audio-only.
> That confirms the idea that Gregory and Chaals have already voiced that UAs
> need to provide access to all equivalents. The UA should (be configured to)
> use a certain default fallback algorithm, but should allow the user access to
> all equivalents (which of course means making those equivalents discoverable).

My reading of UAAG 1.0's checkpoint 2.3 "Render conditional content" 
also suggests that, at the moment, UAs aren't really fulfilling their 
duty in light of this.

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