<meta name=register>, Browser as passive tool (was: Presentation by XML)

If document has this META

 <meta name=register content=785>

let browser send to the following to server

  <meta name=register content=785>

at once after loading document.
This means,
that browser allow server to send XML-elements

DT>  <dot name=B num=10 x=50 y=70 ns=stylename1>
DT>  <obj name=D                  ns=stylename2>
DT>  <say type=phrase     data="pronounce that" class=stylename10>
DT>  <say type=identifier data="id1"            class=stylename11>
DT>  <say type=silence    data="5.56">
DT>  <sound src=./filename.wav>
DT>  <sound src=./filename.mpg>

to browser in arbitrary moment at initiative of server.
So browser acts as passive tool:
server sends files without browser's request.
Thus browser must not interview server for fresh information -
server itself will send it, when it will be.

If user load next document in browser's window
(or close window),
then browser send to server

  <meta name=break content=785>

that means, that will not accept messages from this server.

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