Presentation by XML

Good day.

It's easy and simple to draw a static _presentation_,
but _dinamic presentation_ (with motions!) is problem for unskilled users.

(1)Motion is changing color, etc.
Let we have:
  li.style5 { color: red }
  li.style4 { color: orange }
  li.style3 { color: green }
  li.style2 { color: black }
  li.style1 { color: silver }

And we put one more <link>:
   <link src="./filename.txt" type="transition">
in which we list initial style, mouse key (or access key) and
final style, for example:
  style1 click              style2
  style2 click              style3
  style3 click              style4
  style4 click              style5
  style5 click,double-click style1 
(2)Motion is changing coordinates by _executing XML-elements_:
it's easier for un-skilled users (remember about presentation), than writing JS.
We specify motions of dots of lines
(<line> <pack> <ld></ld> </line> )
  <dot name=B num=N x=10em y=15em>
 B is value of @name of tag "line",
 N is serial number of dot in line,
 10,15 are new coordinates of dot in pixels, em, etc,
and put <dot>'s into arbitrary xml-element:
  <dot name=B num=10 x=50 y=70 ns=stylename1>
  <dot name=C num=20 x=80 y=90 ns=stylename2>
  <obj name=D                  ns=stylename2>
  <obj name=E                  ns=stylename4>
and put all <A>'s into file, to which we reference from <link>:
  <link src="./filename.xml" type="motions">

We write in transition-file (look at #1):
  style1 click              :A
  style2 click              :B

(2.2)Specification of time of motion, or speed of motion
(but not both of them simultaneously) -
when we need, that motion occurs not momentary:
  <dot  name= x=  y=  num= time=  >
  <dot  name= x=  y=  num= speed= >

===The main is above, here is some development of idea.

(3)pronouncing of comment of presentation:
  <say type=phrase     data="pronounce that" class=stylename10>
  <say type=identifier data="id1"            class=stylename11>
Xml-attribute 'class' reference to aural style sheet
(properties 'volume, pitch, pitch-rate, voice-family', etc),
"id1" is value of @id of _html-element_.

  <say type=silence    data="5.56">

(5)playing of sound:
  <sound src=./filename.wav>
  <sound src=./filename.mpg>

Pay attention, that speach goes about html-objects,
as opposed to files, embedded by <object>.

Unskilled users can not write JS, but are capable to specify finite automation.

Dmitry Turin
HTML6     (6.2.0)
SQL4      (4.1.3)
Unicode2  (2.0.1)
Computer2 (2.0.3)

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