Re: guessing character encoding (was HTML WG)

Good day, Sander.

ST> Btw, for shared hosts, people seem to simply assume that they cannot generate
ST> proper HTTP headers. But for instance Apache allows each user to configure
ST> their own area of the server. So unless the admin crippled that, you can
ST> generate a proper HTTP Content-Type header through .htaccess.

I will remember this, thank you.


ST> If the page pointed to by the anchor is served with the proper charset info,
ST> I don't see why it should fail -- even if it uses a different character
ST> repertoire than the previous  page.
I don't know too, i only met these situation, but never interested,
because i'm specializing on inTRAnet.

>> (1.2) anchor falling occurs in frame
I watched this phenomena in <frame>, and also never interested.

Dmitry Turin
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SQL4      (4.1.3)
Unicode2  (2.0.1)
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