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> Part of this recent surge of public interest in css and web standards is due
> to certain "web pro's" making a name for them self and actually becoming a
> little bit "famous" and then everyone followed their lead. Listening to what
> _they_ had to say about web standards and _then_ discovering and
> understanding the w3c. Visit some of these people's sites. Many are in xhml
> (although there are plenty of reasons to not be using xhtml) and the
> majority of them explicitly close _every_ tag on their pages.
> (I haven't actually checked myself but my gut feeling is that I'm right :)
> It just feels like the right way to do it to me. The "pro" way of doing it.
> The "don't cut corners you lazy bastard" way of doing it.

Yes, Maurice is right. The pro way is a huge use case.  It is an industry.


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