Re[2]: unite two space: attributes and properties

Good day, Martin.

>> p[color="red"] {...}
>> table          {cellspacing:0}
>> <span color="red" class="a">

MA> all presentational attributes in HTML should have equivilant properties in CSS ...

MA> ... exact name, content model and usage may differ.
I thought exactly about this, when i created topic.

MA> HTML doesn't have a "color" attribute on SPAN.

-1 for me.
I messed two ideas in one letter without comments:
idea of unification "in vertical"
 (unification of attribute's and property's names, content model and usage),
and idea of unification "in horizontal"
 (unification by extending of presentational features to all tags -
 as far, as it's possible).

I imagine kernel of browser as _DBMS_ (maybe some non-standard DBMS),
so i think about presentational features in terms of fields of DBMS
(and about change of features in terms of waking of triggers).
Hereof i'd like to unificate _scheme_ of database.


MA> The attribute selector you used there is valid CSS, though sadly it
MA> doesn't have good compatibility across all major browsers.

I know: i wrote
both already used syntax (to which you refer) and new proposing syntax
to show generality of them.

MA> Your cellspacing example is also already catered for by CSS, though it's
MA> not a direct mapping onto the deprecated HTML attribute "cellspacing".
MA> See the "border-spacing" CSS property[1].
MA> [1]

I thought not about particular case.

>> p[color="red"] {...}
MA> to separate the semantics from the presentation:
MA>      p.errormessage { ... }

I agree in that, i could bring more successful example.
But creating examples with @color and "red" is my feature :)

>> <span color="red" class="a">
MA>      <span class="errormessage">

My example is case of _local_ correction of presentational feature.

Dmitry Turin
HTML6     (6.1.2)
SQL4      (4.1.2)
Unicode2  (2.0.0)
Computer2 (2.0.3)

Received on Monday, 16 July 2007 13:16:37 UTC