Two ways of development

  There are two ways of development of web.
I want, that you will looking not from particular interest,
but from height of bird's flying.
  XServer was exist before HTML.
It would more hardwarily simple to use XServer to present information,
but less comfortable for man, because he operate in _other semantic level_.
This was moment of choice.
When people invented HTML, they decided,
that Document will be Specification of components (something like Delpi/CBuilder now).

  I see rejection of primary accepted doctrine
in transition from tags to interpreting texts
(it maybe truely to say about hesitation between them).
And the most terrible in it, that people doing that unconsciously.
Without loud announcement of problems.
  Now non-it is entered into Document, which is measured against its nature,
but what is well-known in other regions.
Appearance of language JavaScript stops development of language HTML
for a long time.

Human-oriented concepts                     Machine-oriented concepts

<line><li>                                  <canvas>

<table  action="a.cgi" portion="50">        xmlHTTPrequest
  //browse table in database
<select action="a.cgi" portion="50">        xmlHTTPrequest
  //browse column in database
<ul     action="a.cgi><li>                  xmlHTTPrequest
  //browse tree in database

<input type="pic">                          JS

presentation                                JS
  //finite automation of color and position

Developers make no what is necessary,
but what they can copy thoughtless (law of repeatability of human behaviour).
Possible ways were not-only not-compared, but even were not listed.
Transition from tags to interpreting texts is break of continuity.

Dmitry Turin
HTML6     (6.1.2)
SQL4      (4.1.2)
Unicode2  (2.0.0)
Computer2 (2.0.3)

Received on Monday, 16 July 2007 13:16:47 UTC