Re[3]: unite two space: attributes and properties

DW> What you are proposing appears to be a fundamental breach of the
DW> principle that content and presentation are separated in CSS.
Two arguments are still not brought:
(1) why not presentational attributes should not be specified in CSS-file
(2) why presentational properties should not be specified without @style
_while_ they will being specified in tags.

  #1 (if is assertion) is wrong essencially,
because now CSS is _bracket_ for any features
(recall about binding, aural style, behaviour).
  As to #2, i see only one argument: to use style= as syntax bracket.

>> Source of document is cluttered up by superfluous attribute @style,
DW> it is really a last resort,
DW> with, in increasing order of preference, id based selectors, and general
DW> rules, being preferred.
  I prefer TAG#id in CSS than @style in TAG itself
(because i like separations).
But sometimes @id as gasket and running between content of enclosed elements and
CSS is not convenient.


DW> Most presentational attributes [...] and if there are some
DW> that still can only be implemented with HTML
Some presentational features can be implemented only as attributes?
I don't know principle restriction.
List them.

EF> There are examples where table attributes cannot be
EF> mapped into CSS; however, this is not one of them.
Bring these examples, what will allow to understand question deeply.


EF> Is there something wrong with the CSS border-spacing
EF> property?
Solving of particular case of problem does not decide problem in general.

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Received on Wednesday, 18 July 2007 12:46:20 UTC