Re: review of "The root element" subsection

On Jul 10, 2007, at 6:27 PM, James Graham wrote:
> However it introduces two equivalent ways of doing the same thing,  
> with only a minor benefit to the new approach. Dan has already  
> pointed out that this is contrary to several design principles.

No, it introduces an alternate second way to do the same thing. My  
first choice would be to not introduce a new way at all. My  
suggestion is that given the fact that someone wants to introduce a  
new attribute, it should be introduced to the <html> element and not  
the <meta> element.

As I said though, I would probably prefer we not change anything on  
this, except to tell authors to stick with BOM detectable UTF  
encodings (with BOMs included for detection) and avoid introducing  
yet another poor mechanism for declaring encoding.

Sometimes I wonder whether anyone reads the draft (or even the  
specific part of the draft being commented on) before posting a reply.

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