Re: html 5 and accessibility issue - need of fallback content

On Sun, 01 Jul 2007 12:58:53 +0200, Philip TAYLOR  
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> Since WHATWG have jettisoned SGML as the foundation on which
> HTML is based, [...]

Actually, browsers have done that around the time HTML1 was around (which  
was not based on SGML). After that the language was defined in terms of  
SGML but browsers implementations have never reflected that causing lots  
of confusion for authors who were using SGML-based HTML validators. Just  
accepting the fact that HTML is nog SGML-based and defining how it in fact  
does work seems reasonable to me.

> and gone on to define a parsing model of their
> own, what is to stop that model from specifying that if
> an <embed> tag is encountered, the parser is required to
> look ahead (honouring nesting) until the first unmatched
> </ ...> tag is encountered.  If that tag is </embed>
> (case-insensitive), then <embed> is being used as a container
> and parsed as such; if it is anything other than </embed>
> (case-insensitive), then if it matches the currently open
> nest it should close it, otherwise the error-handling actions
> should be invoked.

I don't think any browser vendor is willing to implement that type of  
lookahead for these elements. You want to avoid that at all costs. (I've  
mentioned this before when someone suggesting doing this for  

Anne van Kesteren

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