Re: html 5 and accessibility issue - need of fallback content

On 1 Jul 2007, at 11:58, Philip TAYLOR wrote:

> Lachlan Hunt wrote:
> > * <embed>fallback</embed>
> >   - pro: consistent with <object> fallback.
> >   - con: not backwards compatible at all, embed is an empty element.
> Since WHATWG have jettisoned SGML as the foundation on which
> HTML is based, and gone on to define a parsing model of their
> own, what is to stop that model from specifying that if
> an <embed> tag is encountered, the parser is required to
> look ahead (honouring nesting) until the first unmatched
> </ ...> tag is encountered.  If that tag is </embed>
> (case-insensitive), then <embed> is being used as a container
> and parsed as such; if it is anything other than </embed>
> (case-insensitive), then if it matches the currently open
> nest it should close it, otherwise the error-handling actions
> should be invoked.

What there is to stop that is that it is not compatible with what  
browsers currently do (the entire parsing algorithm is backwards  
compatible with current browsers  if it isn't, the spec needs to be  

- Geoffrey Sneddon

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