Re: Request to assess JS/graphics perf. issues on embedded devices [was: Request for clarification on HTML 5 publication status (ISSUE-19)

"Michael(tm) Smith" <>, 2007-12-01 10:44 +0900:

>, 2007-11-30 16:05 +0200:
> [...]
> > We believe the canvas element and its JavaScript interface should be
> > considered in scope of the HTML5 WG. We request the WG to asses and draw
> > attention to performance issues with JavaScript and graphics operations
> > on embedded devices.
> I have created ACTION-36 (on me for now) for tracking resolution
> of the above request.

Along with the request related to Ogg, I think this request also
should be an issue at this point, with the chairs assigning any
related action they decide is needed.

So I have closed ACTION-36 and raised ISSUE-25 for this.

Apologies again for the noise and fumbling..

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