Re: integration of WF2 into HTML5 draft -- when, if, and how?

On Sat, 4 Aug 2007, Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
> so, HTML5 won't address forms until some unknown date in the future?

The "HTML5" language includes both the drafts that were called Web Forms 2 
and Web Apps 1 at the time this group decided to adopt them. I haven't 
gotten around to merging the two into one document; but it's one of the 
many things that needs to happen over the next few years.

> and what of the work that john boyer has already done?

My understanding is that the forms task force is being spun up, but Hyatt 
and I, as editors of the HTML5 specs, will make sure that we keep the 
HTML5 spec in sync with the architectural integrity requirements that the 
task force comes up with.

> with the advent of wikis and the proliferation of other forms-based 
> interactive aspects of today's web, shouldn't forms reform be one 
> of our top-level concerns?

Yup. In fact, Web Forms 2 was done, and adopted by the W3C, long before 
the rest of the HTML5 language for precisely this reason.

> so why the delay in addressing web forms, or at least integrating WF2 
> into the HTML5 draft, so that it can be discussed now, before any 
> difference or design principle document is issued by the working group?

WF2 is as much a part of this group's work as the WA1 draft (which is now 
titled "HTML 5"). Comment away!

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