Re: [public-html] <none>

> I'm sure you wouldn't be satisfied with a browser that hid all
> non-validating content from you with the message "You aren't permitted
> to see this, because it hasn't been done in the right way".   
> Therefore a
> browser needs to do something.  What's the harm in having a document
> that specifies what that something should be?
>> But going forward, authors should strive to write perfect code
> They should.  Authors should also strive never to make spelling or
> grammar mistakes.  Still, some of them don't; and some of them  
> strive to
> but still fail from time to time.

Well it's obviously a background issue.
I come from a computer programming point of view. Write incorrect  
code - program stops.
You obviously come from some other discipline that is more fault  

I think that saying, let's keep going and hope everyone magically  
stops doing things that work for them in the hope they will do them  
correctly in html5 is flawed and fundamentally so.

If we forced authors to learn and use html5, they would, if we don't  
force an html5 only approach designers will always use what they get  
away with. Probably a mix of html5 features and pre-html5 features  
written in poor ways, a complete mess.

But hey, on we go

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