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Gareth Hay wrote:
> If we discount the possibility of another browser manufacturer entering
> the market for a moment.

Competition is overrated. It only benefits the consumer.

> html5 pages. Creating an HTML5 only browser frees us of the legacy
> nonsense. (as that is effectively what would be happening)

Yes. Because once we have an HTML5 only browser, all the legacy content
on the web will just magically disappear!

> It's not as if we are going to remove legacy browsers as new HTML5
> browsers come along.
> I don't think it is realistic to have one browser to render 100% of the
> web. It's just not, so let's get with the program that will give us this
> solution in a reasonable amount of time.

Great! I love the idea of using 10 different programs to browse the web!

> I don't see the problem, release HTML5 as "Web 2.0" and tell everyone
> they need a new browser, problem solved, you want Web2.0 sites, you need
> the new browser (just keep your old browser for the rest of the web)

You know, you have a great point. Reality doesn't matter at all. We'll
simply get everyone to believe that something that is already here is
actually not and you need a new browser to get the same functionality as
already exists. Companies will be happy to implement their apps in such
a way that requires the consumer to download, install, and use a new
program, for no apparent reason at all. I'm sure that the fact that this
is completely untrue will have no bearing on its success.

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