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2 additional/supplemental agenda items:

1. what are canonical HTML's dependencies? 

should we not take into account work such as -- XForms, XPointer, 
RDF, and EARL [note 1] -- and all relevant W3C Technical 
Recommendations published since the last iteration of HTML? 

we should at least come to consensus as a WG by making and 
maintaining a list of such dependencies. 

2. the public-html blog 

what are the proper use and guidelines for adding content to and use 
of the ESW Wiki in the WG's process.  is it a tracking mechanism, a 
catch-all of ideas and brainstorming?  should it be reserved for 
formal proposals and reactions to them?  will there be -- or should 
there be -- a blog monitor, responsible for maintaining proposals 
and overseeing the activities of others who edit the wiki?   

Note 1: 
* XForms: <> 
* XPath: <> 
* RDF: <> 
* EARL: <> 
* OWL: <> 
* XSLT (a path to backwards compatibility):
* XML Syntax for XQuery 1.0:
* HTTP Vocabulary in RDF: 
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