Re: HTML version issue summary?

Jeff Schiller wrote:
> I guess the theory here is that Microsoft has the farthest to go to
> "get it right"?  Therefore, in the first version of IE that supports
> any form of HTML5, the web authors better _really_ be sure that they
> want to trigger HTML5 processing in IE (above and beyond the standard
> DOCTYPE/version attribute mechanism)?

   If support for HTML5 is so bad in IE that HTML 4.01 rendering is
preferable, I think most people would rather use HTML 4.01. However, I
just don't envision a scenario where IE's handling of HTML5 is so bad
that you want IE to treat compliant HTML5 documents as HTML 4.01. It
would be market share suicide. Think about it: Why would anyone depend
on a product from a company that can't support standards even when their
head browser developer is the chair of the working group that developed
the standard in question?

Received on Wednesday, 25 April 2007 10:42:07 UTC