Re: HTML version issue summary?

On 4/24/07, David Hyatt <> wrote:
> (4) I think IE's opt-in should be independent of DOCTYPE until such
> time as they are confident that they have HTML5.0 fully implemented
> and supported.  Then one could imagine the doctype being used as the
> opt-in.

I'm trying to understand this suggestion, but still don't get it.  I
think I have the same concern as Maciej in that every HTML5 document
that comes out would have to include the IE-specific opt-in mechanism
when a "perfectly good" opt-in solution (whatever the proposed HTML5
DOCTYPE or version attribute) would exist for Microsoft to use right
out of the gate.

I guess the theory here is that Microsoft has the farthest to go to
"get it right"?  Therefore, in the first version of IE that supports
any form of HTML5, the web authors better _really_ be sure that they
want to trigger HTML5 processing in IE (above and beyond the standard
DOCTYPE/version attribute mechanism)?

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