Re[4]: new form control

Good day, Kornel.

>>> I'd like ability to automatically (and asynchronously)
>>> upload images dragged and dropped onto
>>> WYSIWYG editor (or any designated element).
>>> <input type=file id=uploader>
>>> <div dropped-files=uploader>drop here!</div>
>> Imagine, that you drag-and-drop several time:
>> form sends so much times (instead of one time, if form is sent manually).

I imply, that user changes the same file repeatedly.
It seems, that manual sending is better (instead automatically, asynchronously).

> if user drops too many files

Are there necessary many DIV-elements to all INPUT-elements ?
As i understand, yes.
This way need much place on html-documents for all DIV-elements.

Even user can use one DIV-element for all INPUT-element,
i think, it's more comfortable to drop to INPUT.

>> we need open explorer for file system in any case.
KL> Drag'n'drop allows you to use your system's file explorer, drag files from
KL> desktop or other applications - the point is that invoking a new, specific
KL> file browser is not necessary.

I agree, it's true.
What are you say about drop to INPUT-element itself ?
It will economize place in document.

Dmitry Turin

Received on Tuesday, 24 April 2007 14:39:57 UTC