Re[2]: New html-element: table3

>> My interest would be in populating the table with a single round trip

Preston, what defect has the following construction
("tc" means "table column"):

<table attribute="special">
 <th id=10>ColName1</th>
 <th id=20>ColName2</th>
 <th id=30>ColName3</th>
 <th id=1>RowName1</th>
 <th id=2>RowName2</th>
 <th id=3>RowName3</th>
 <td row=1 col=10>Data11</td>
 <td row=1 col=20>Data12</td>
 <td row=1 col=30>Data13</td>
 <td row=2 col=10>Data21</td>
 <td row=2 col=20>Data22</td>
 <td row=2 col=30>Data23</td>
 <td row=3 col=10>Data31</td>
 <td row=3 col=20>Data32</td>
 <td row=3 col=30>Data33</td>

Dmitry Turin

Received on Tuesday, 24 April 2007 13:42:50 UTC