Re: The argument for |bugmode|

On 22 apr 2007, at 05.43, Matthew Raymond wrote:

>> I don't think that bandwidth is that precious to Google. Their  
>> homepage
>> could be made both smaller and standards-compliant:
>> but apparently Google doesn't care about either of those things.
>    While the pages appear nearly identical on the surface, the Google
> page has an additional popup menu when you click "more >>", plus
> scripting related to that menu.

I don't remember that popup menu being there when I made the  
standards-compliant version.
More info on that little experiment of mine:

> Furthermore, the markup of
> the two pages is so different that it's difficult to tell if they both
> actually do the same thing.

They did in August 2006.

> So at best you could say that the could do MORE optimization and not
> that they weren't trying to optimize in the first place.

And my example could also be further optimised.

But this is getting a bit off-topic, I think ;-).



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