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Le 13 avr. 2007 à 18:55, Mihai Sucan a écrit :
> He is right, you cannot blame only Microsoft for this. There's an  
> entire history behind the current state of the Web.

Mosaic and then Netscape have been the major browsers. And IE had to  
reverse engineered the bugs or wrong implementations of other browsers.

> The browser vendors do take tons of time to reverse-engineer the  
> bugs in IE 6, IE 7, etc. Why? They *also* want their web browsers  
> to support many web pages, even if they were developed for IE.

Any browsers vendors tend to reverse engineer the bugs of the most  
current dominant browser WHEN there is content using a specific  
feature/bug of this dominant browser.

What I would like to stress by my comment is that it is a lot  
healthier to think with a kind of vendor neutrality as we do not know  
what will be the future dominant browser. In software world, each  
time, an implementation starts to have enough market share, this  
implementation starts also to not play exactly with the rules and to  
push for non standard features always calling it "innovation".

Being more neutral helps a lot in discussing.

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