Re: A Compromise to the Versioning Debate

on 4/17/07 11:38 AM, Roger Johansson at wrote:

> No, but it is my firm (as in Microsoft wants an opt-in switch firm)
> belief that people who build websites, who develop tools that are
> used to build websites, and who develop tools that are used to
> produce content for websites for a living, all have a responsibility
> to keep up-to-date with current best practices.


Backwards compatibility is a wonderful thing, the ability to somehow, in
some form, render a page from 1995 is great, but people who get paid for
this stuff need to keep up with the Joneses.

If those of us with a clue, and I'm not necessarily casting my lot with that
group, produce good, clean, intelligible code that meets 'the standard'
(whatever that might be), then those without a clue will c-n-p stuff that is
up to snuff as well.

Of course, in the interest of expediency, I threw a bunch of <br />'s in a
few pages today, rather than CSS things to the last dotted i. When you're on
a real breaking news-type deadline, sometimes you've just gotta get things

I have been trying my best lately to not wrap anchors around too many block
level elements. ; )

-- Dylan Smith

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