Re: Proposing <indent> vs. <blockquote>

Shane Thacker schrieb:
> That being said, anyone here used Textile, or BBCode for blog markup
> or forum posts?

The implementations of Textile and the like that I saw (or even created) 
produced clean HTML.

I personally hate BBCode with a passion. However, the produced HTML 
usually lacks <blockquote> or contains it where appropriate. Some use 
mostly presentational markup, i.e. <table> and/or <div> for [quote] and 
[code] (vBulletin, WoltLab Burning Board, Invasion Power Board). Others 
use <blockquote> for [quote] but don't misuse it for [code] (phpBB, PunBB).


Received on Tuesday, 17 April 2007 14:15:51 UTC