RE: Formal definition of HTML5 (was Re: Version information)

Not to open old wounds -- but though we might not specify margin
width for div tags, pixel perfect rendering might bring back
blinking tags:-)

Chris Wilson writes:
 > T.V Raman [] wrote:
 > >If we're talking about HTML producing pixel perfect rendering,
 > >then I suggest it's time to press the reset button -- that was
 > >never HTML's goal, and nor should it ever become its goal.
 > I agree, but then I don't think it's rational to put a graphics API in the middle of the HTML spec.  (And actually, I'm kinda on the fence - other than OS-native controls, I'm not sure if rendering isn't de facto part of the spec anyway.  It's not like we could decide that <div> should have a default margin of 2ems or anything.  :)

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