RE: Versioning and html[5]

Joe D'Andrea wrote:
 >Kornel Lesinski writes:
 >>Many authors don't have slightest idea that there's something
 >>wrong with their code. This can be solved - make standard IE
 >>distribution warn about deprecated features and problems
 >>exposed by invalid code. [ ... ]

 > Oh dear me.  I foresee a LOT of phone calls from my mom asking me  
about that one.

Mine too ... also my father-in-law (who actually calls about web  
issues more often than my mom) <!>.

What if you could warn in a non-invasive way? For example, when IE  
flags a JavaScript error, there's an icon to that effect in the  
status bar. No message boxes. How about something like that?

 > ... if your requirement is that for every possible bug,
 > we also implement code that can automatically detect when
 > that bug might take effect and warn the user, we will get
 > a lot fewer bugs fixed.

Perhaps handle it more like a deprecation, which doesn't specify a  
particular drop-dead date but pro-actively advises an alternate path:

Joe D'Andrea

Received on Monday, 16 April 2007 13:05:39 UTC