RE: Versioning and html[5]

Joe D'Andrea wrote:
>Kornel Lesinski writes:
>> Many authors don't have slightest idea that there's something
>>wrong with their code. This can be solved - make standard IE
>>distribution warn about deprecated features and problems
>>exposed by invalid code. [ ... ]

Oh dear me.  I foresee a LOT of phone calls from my mom asking me about that one.

>Hear hear! If errors can be flagged, so can warnings.

It's not always that simple.  And if your requirement is that for every possible bug, we also implement code that can automatically detect when that bug might take effect and warn the user, we will get a lot fewer bugs fixed.

>In fact ... it's interesting to note that the pill in question
>largely (dare I say completely?) concerned CSS rendering issues, not

That would be because the bulk of the fixes we did in IE7 were in CSS layout and rendering.  One would hope, of course, that we'd fix a few more HTML bugs and DOM issues in the future as well.


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